A letter from me to you

I wrote you a letter. You reading this. The you that needs this today.
I gathered up some thoughts I wish someone had told me— bundled them up in neat little paragraphs to make sense of things I haven’t yet put into words, for myself.
There’s a lot I want you to know.

I want you to know that what ever you’re feeling right now in this moment is both valid and fleeting. Valid because it exists. It’s real and there and everywhere. But it’s also fleeting… like breaths. Like tides, like waves.
Emotions come and they will also go. But in these times, when our feelings seem too big for our body, we have to tend to our emotional garden with care. With love. And with understanding. Use those three words in your actions towards yourself today. Leave trails of love and grace where you walk. .

I think you should also know that these weird hard and confusing times don’t last. And while some days feel like the rolling hills of feelings, of being lost and found in the same breath— the clouds always do part, and all of the confusion you may be feeling is just a swirling inward catalyst for your own way in how you rise. So no, it’s not comfortable and often times not very much fun, but when the clouds let the light back in, you’ll look back with deep appreciation and clarity so pristine, it will all feel like a distant meant to be memory. .

I also want you to know that in the thick of things, I know it feels really big. It all feels so big that you may be wondering how to swim out— but don’t. Don’t swim anywhere. If you try and swim and effort you’ll drown yourself in trying. Surrender. Let it be big until it isn’t, anymore.

So as all the things float to the top of your tide pool, please remember something, that all of these things that are present in our experience are misunderstood gifts. We are navigating uncharted waters all the time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Learning new or even old lessons, is hard.

And if it all feels like it’s going wrong or it feels chaotic or you feel like you’ll never get somewhere, remember, cake batter is just a bunch of messy ingredients mixed together, before it becomes a beautiful cake.

Things take time.

So. Let it be messy.

Let it be real.

Let it in.

Let it all happen.

Because all roads lead to where you’re going— and YOU have something inside of you, that the world needs and there are all kinds of people who need your medicine and that doubt that seemingly shows up like gail force winds is just a scared little voice— a misunderstood part of you, who doesn’t understand what it means to step outside the lines of what feels comfortable— because the reality of living inside of these tiny boxes isn’t safe, in actuality, it’s suffocating. We can’t breathe in the boxes.

We weren’t meant to.

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