Body Image— un-believing what we always have.

For the longest time I longed to feel free in my body.
To be free in my mind- from thoughts that were unwavering in criticism.
To be unbound by the hardwired programs within me that were learned.
Sometimes we have to decide it is simply time to unlearn.
Un-believe everything we once did.
This is the work— this is the un-becoming that has to happen in order for the becoming to take place.
I used to think there was something wrong with me.
Why couldn’t I stand in front of a mirror with out wincing at the way my body curved.
Why did I want to change so many things about who I am, and the way that I looked.
Why did I think hating myself into love, was the answer?
The answer isn’t a one liner. It isn’t just one event that spiraled me into a program of shame and hatred. It was many things. A culmination of events that created a perfect storm of severe body image issues.
I can’t pinpoint a time.
I can pinpoint many.
This is an ever evolving new relationship I am building with self. It is an ever unfolding up and down terrain that I am navigating.
I have made space for the healing to take place because it was time.
Sometimes it’s so many steps forward into embodying who you know you want to be while at the same time remaining at peace with exactly who you are.
In all the moments.
The balance— the tight rope walk of who you are and who you’re morphing into.
We can’t hate ourselves into anything but more hatred.
Love asks us to lean. Bit by bit. Into it.
One foot then the next with a roaring commitment that this is not how it ends.
I hope this photo stands as your permission to feel beautiful.
To stand in front of the lens, the mirror, your lover, the crowd or just alone, in the presence of your own company in the vulnerability of your un-clothed skin with new growing beliefs, ones that feel kind and true and soft.
I hope you stand there, where you are—with a quiet mind and a spirit soaked in your essence— and I hope you feel beautiful and deeply connected.
I hope that you know you are a masterpiece

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