The power of choice— What story are you choosing?

I think deep down, we all know we have a choice, don’t we?
And maybe that’s what scares us.
That knowing.
Because that knowing, would mean we understand, that at the end of the day, it is on us.
What we’re choosing.
We realize no one is coming to choose for us or save us from our choices—
No one is coming to save us from these things that we choose, that keep us inside of our pain.
Tethered to a story.
And every day, we wake up into the world, choosing that story.
Reinforcing that story.
Reliving the pain that came from that story.
Even though, underneath, we know it is our choice.
Even though we know, no one is coming to change our minds.
We know that.
We know that, now.
And even still, every day… even if it is of our choosing.
We choose that story.
Even though we could choose a new story.
One that feels good.
One that feels like it fits.
One that doesn’t hurt.
No one ever said we would not endure pain here.
We are not above it.
Our pain is where our most profound learning comes from.
But the choice, this choice of ours, is whether we build it a home within us, and let it live there.
Stuck between the lines of the plot.
we see this story for its profound teaching.
And powerfully choose something else.
Our choice is whether or not we are willing to find the lesson and release this story.
Or continue to live inside the misery of what’s been written.
Our pain, was meant to be a luminous teaching.
Not a darkness we choose to dwell inside of.
And if we are willingly choosing the pain.
We are not choosing to learn.
But rather, choosing to suffer.
And at the end of the day, after all is
Said and done,
It will always be our choice.
No one is coming to choose for you,
No one is coming.
So will you let this story define you?
Or will you be the one to define it?
That is always, our choice.
Masters of our own experience.
Masters of choice.
What will you choose?
Here lies your power.

2 thoughts on “The power of choice— What story are you choosing?

  1. The problem lies when our choice potentially impacts so many others for example. Take not wearing a mask now for example. We can’t live in a vacuum within ourselves.

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