Shadow work— Loving things free

Are you compassionately confronting the parts of yourself that are rising up, right now?
A question I had to ask myself.
I know these things are spiraling up, sometimes with force, because they need to be cleared, once and for all.
So, I take the time to listen.
I close the door of the empty bedroom
and sit cross legged on the bed.
I put my hands on my knees and I breathe.
My mind is full and it is loud in there.
There is more than just one thing knocking on my door— demanding to have their time at the microphone.
And still I breathe as they all attempt to speak at once.
It feels like countless bodies, their weight heavy on my chest.
It’s Overwhelming.
Even still I breathe.
I listen and I ask myself, “what emotion is here, right now?”
Guilt speaks loud and clear.
Ahh yes. It is time we meet.
So, I confront this guilt.
I search my archives for past instances, when I felt guilt unimaginable, and I stuffed it away.
I think back to what that felt like.
It felt like hot anxiety in my body. But I didn’t deal with it then, and it’s why I’m dealing with it now.
Now that I know what it is, I can love it free.
I can speak to it, just us— and say— “i know you are here for a reason… but I don’t need you anymore.”
I place my hands over my heart. Feeling into my own source of love.
I breathe into it. I thank this guilt for existing. For defending me. For attempting to keep me safe.
I set an intention outloud, and say “I now give this guilt permission to leave my body— I release this, and all instances tied to this, from the root of its existence— I release this guilt at cellular level.” Immediately, I feel relief.
I no longer run from the discomfort that comes from internal confrontation.
We are our own saviors.
We have everything we need, to do this work.
It doesn’t have to be a long a drawn out process.
This is learning how to navigate, address and deal with our unruly emotions.
This is about a willingness to understand them— with compassion. To sit with them as long as they need us to, so that we can love them free.
This is shadow work.
It is uncomfortable.
But freedom waits.

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