Nature Is My Sanity Right Now

I stood in the kitchen dicing sweet potatoes as the crumbs from the un-swept wood floor crunched beneath my bare feet.
The door leading out to our second floor apartment balcony was wide open, letting both the light and the breeze in, as music played loud on the speaker.
I looked up and paused.
I noticed the blue of the sky and the green of the trees.
The trees, so easy to look at and get caught up in.
The way they just flow, whichever way the wind blows.
They are both soft and strong.
The earth hasn’t stopped, like we have.
And that is our gift.
Because we still get to experience the beauty even if it is from inside the glass of our windows, or confined on our porches and in our backyards.
We still get to look and experience its beauty that has always been here— and i don’t know about you, but that beauty is my sanity right now.
The earth hasn’t stopped, because the earth doesn’t need us to thrive.
And how grateful can we all be today, for the fact that our earth continues to spin and bare life, everywhere we look without needing to stop what its doing— to wait for us… maybe we’ve gotten in the way, for far too long.
Whatever comes of this, I hope it brings a deep reverence, in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.
A reverence for how the earth just gives of itself so graciously.
All the time.
We just take without the pause… the much needed pause to say thank you.
I stopped dicing the sweet potatoes to just say…
Thank you for your beauty.
Thank you for your bounty.
Thank you for your land.
Thank you for the air that we breathe.
Thank for being so damn beautiful and mesmerizing all the damn time.
Just, thank you

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