A Message from Mother Earth

A message from the Mother.
The Mother herself has been crying for us to champion for her.
And we haven’t listened.
We haven’t listened to the messages.
The cries.
The fires.
The earthquakes.
The floods.
The hurricanes.
The tornadoes.
The droughts.
We deny the part we’ve played in the selfish domination of our roles here.
We are but one part to a bigger whole.
We own nothing.
We are here to exist in harmony with. Raise the vibration of.
Not dominate over.
And now we have no choice but to listen.
To see this a different way.
To see our earth for what it truly is.
A living breathing organism.
We’ve become so far removed from our own compassion and consciences that we scoff at the idea of anything that may inconvenience our convenient yet harmful practices.
We’ve veered far from our true nature which gives the perspective that we are one with all.
And now, we no longer have the option to ignore the cry or discard the messages.
Now we’re listening.
The things being spoken of about less pollution.
Clear skies.
And dolphins returning to Italy’s canals.
Mama deer roaming the streets with their babies in Thailand.
There are more.
And these things are small but beautiful examples.
I envision her smiling down upon creation, in this time… exhaling a long beautiful breath out. She can feel herself again and all of those left without a voice, breathing with her.
So, maybe Mother Earth just wanted herself back for a while.
To heal.
To breathe.
Lovingly giving us the same opportunity right a long with her.
This comes with so many angles.
So many positive angles, that we shouldn’t ignore about what’s truly happening underneath all of the fear.
We’re back to the basics.
We’re caring more for each other.
We’re valuing our connection again.
We’re getting outside to just simply be grateful and connect with our surroundings because that is the only choice we have, right now.
We’re conserving more.
And being conscious of our in home practices.
This will always be a symbiotic relationship.
If Mother Earth thrives, we all thrive.
Can you see it now?
How this all works?
She just needs some time to breathe.
And we do too.
We do too.

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