Stay present with your Peace

Life feels full, yes, even amidst a pandemic… I have endured many hard lessons that taught me to master my emotions and release my limiting beliefs around fear and lack and scarcity.
Life feels full because I faced myself.
Life feels full because I stopped running.
Life feels full because I’ve spent the last year and a half, social distancing by choice… to go inward and question everything about myself while I peeled the layers away, putting love into the parts that needed it most.
The hard lessons taught me everything I’ll ever need to know about what it means to trust amidst the greatest uncertainties of life.
And I know this is a full circle moment, because I am faced with it again— with this, and I know how to be in peace.
I already know what it feels like to lose control.
Everything that came before prepared me for this moment.
I lost everything— and I now have this.
A heart full of love.
A life fiercely aligned.
My old life was stripped away— like layers of paint with a coat of strong paint thinnner.
Taking with it beliefs that could no longer withstand the expanse.
My foundation has been rebuilt from the ground up.
I cannot be easily swayed or blown about because I know the truth.
So when I say that I know what it’s like to feel the chaos of storms swirl in, making you question everything you’ve ever known, I know.
I am here, holding space for you.
For all of us.
Sometimes, the only choice any of us have, in the chaos is to lose control. To lesson our grip.
To trust.
Maybe this is your awakening like it was mine, only in a different form.
Maybe this is your process of being stripped away of what can’t expand with you.
Darkness only reveals the light and we are it- the light
Our proof of that is in each sunrise, & every day we have that reminder.
So, can you let the peace in.
How beautiful is it, that we get to practice all that we know, now.
We are more than ready for this.
I wrote this once, and it is most relevant now. “We are all lighthouses showing each other how to get home, in the storm.”
We are one.
Breathing as one.
Living as one.
Under the light of the sun.
Stay present with your peace.

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