THE AUSTRALIAN BUSHFIRES— a message to the masses— are you listening or are you looking away?

“Through our own pain, can we only truly see.”

The Free Spirit Soul

As I read a message, sent to me by my friend and mentor, she prefaced the next text with…

“this is hard to take, don’t read unless you are prepared” 

And I thought I was prepared… but I wasn’t. 

As my eyes scanned the words conveying the brutal truth about the pervasive reality in Australia, from a native who is there living this, with every word my heart sank. The news of rainfall the night before and the hope that rested with me… gone. All of it just… gone. 

So, imagine the most graphic of information and times it by ten, twenty or even a hundred. Nothing could have prepared me for that. This is a nightmare. 

We have the luxury of experiencing this through our phone screens. And as I attempt to imagine what it must be like to experience it, in real life I can’t. It is just… unimaginable. 

I can’t fathom it. 

I’m sitting down to write this, in utter bewilderment and without thinking too hard about what might come out— without thinking too hard about how it sounds or whether or not my words sound “poetic enough” or palatable enough. Now is not the time for poetry or tastefulness. Now is the time for honest rage rooted in the love and compassion I wish to see in the world— FOR our world. 

I’ve been asking myself “how do you help a world that feels helpless” and maybe you don’t, maybe it’s not in our actions but how we show up. Maybe the helping hand I want to lend begins with myself— maybe it begins with these words— I don’t know any of the answers so I am asking my heart to write itself here, because I’m at a loss.

What I do know for certain, is that there is sadness underneath the anger that I feel for the state that our world is in currently. I thank my dear friend Nadine, a native to Australia, who so gracefully reminded me of that, as I remind myself of that too. But knowing what I know, about grief and anger and sadness, is that sometimes, to deflect from it, we point fingers and place blame and in the midst of it all we don’t do the one thing we should. Be present with it while we look deeply within to really “see”. 

I willingly scrolled through the photographs, depicting the reality of these bush fires. And for the first time, I didn’t stay in my ignorance is bliss bubble. For the first time, I didn’t look away. I looked and as I looked, my heart broke and is still breaking. We can’t keep running or looking away from what is an explosive message, demanding that we wake the fuck up.

And I’m not talking about climate change. Climate change is just another scape goat to dodge the bullet of accountability. I’m talking about waking up, to the part we all play in this. 

The magnitude of the fires in Australia is a manifestation of our recklessness. We’ve become so disconnected from our true selves— and therefore disconnected from the mother herself, so much so, that we can’t even see or admit our blatant disregard for all of life itself. And so we look away with our damaging out of sight out of mind dissociative bullshit. 

The pain I am experiencing is visceral, and it’s because I’m not looking away. And the part I’m struggling with here is understanding how to put into practice all that I know, now that there’s an opportunity here asking me to. 

What do I do with heaviness this massive and sadness that has loomed for days and better yet, how do I transform it? How do I move towards love? How do I go about my day knowing what I know? These are questions I’m asking myself because I don’t have the answers. 

I do know that I can rest in the truth that all is divinely guided and that the earth will do what she does, and regenerate. She will rise from her own ashes but in the meantime, the damage is done and continues be— the question is, what are we going to do about it?

Run from it, like we run from ourselves?

Look away and pretend it’s not there?

Forget about it in a month? 

Maybe that’s what this is, an invitation from the mother. To face it. Really facing this means we have face ourselves. To look deeply at this, means we have to look deeply at ourselves. 

We’ve disowned our true selves for millenniums. We’ve adopted beliefs rooted in fear and unconsciousness and we’ve been so unwilling to wake up to the fact that we have a choice in this life. That choice is our free will. Free will… to create— and we’ve created destruction, and we aren’t all that sorry about it. As it stands, we see, think and act as if we are separate from the earth, from the animals and from EACH OTHER. We’ve staked our claim on this earth and put our arrogant selves on a pedestal of hierarchy and ONENESS isn’t even a term people know the meaning of. That is how far removed from our truth that we are— so much so we don’t even question things as we merely exist in our bubble of ignorance and entitlement. We’re so entangled in our own personal world drama and as a result we numb and project and ego our way into the masses while still refusing to do the one thing we ALL came here to do to do. We concern ourselves with power and personal gain and watch our politicians lie, cheat and steal— all the while stepping on others to gain it. We watch them start wars and make power moves and we? 

We question nothing. 

We’ve pinned political parties against each other and thus, us against them and we will argue until we are blue in the face while our egos fight for rightness. We pass by littered covered streets and parking lots and we leave it to someone else to clean up. We hear about how harmful plastic is, yet we don’t even bother to re-use shopping bags because of the slight inconvenience. We take and take and take and never stop to ask ourselves “what can I give?” Even if it’s just mere gratitude for the earth that sustains your life and even then, we’re so busy enthralled in our own entitlement, we don’t take the time. 

We aren’t stopping to look and we aren’t looking to see. 

We’ve completely dissociated and forgotten that we are but one minuscule part of the whole. So, it’s no wonder we don’t see the message behind the outpour of anger from our earth. We’ve stopped connecting with her.. caring for her.. thanking her… loving her. 

Triggered yet? Good. 

The invitation remains… it’s wide open— for you, for me, for all of us to look — and choose to see— truly see the role we’ve played in this. 

And then decide. Decide to wake up. Decide to look— decide to see. 

Neale Donald Walcsh says, “What is needed is not a change of circumstance but a change in consciousness” 

My friends this violent message from our Earth will be one of many. And the question remains, how will you respond? What will you do, now? 

Ghandi wasn’t fucking around making up quotes that sound poetic for the hell of it. It starts with you. It starts with all of us. You want to see change? BE IT. None of us are exempt from this life school lesson. 

To the beautiful Australia— her people, her animals, her land— and the people fighting tooth and nail to keep these fires at bay— I’m not looking away— I feel you because I am you. 

Leaving you with this message from someone who is a force of love in this world, may it penetrate the senses and most of all, the heart.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – our damage has run deep and wide to the Earth and countless are suffering despite no wrong doing, and that is ours to bear.  It is ours collectively to bear.  We have free will to create and our damage has been deep and wide. We have made the mistake of thinking that the Earth is OUR home but it is not…we are but one species and the Earth belongs to them; all that inhabit the Earth deserve the habitat that was created for them. Earth will repair herself and we can help by sending love and compassion to all.

Alison Pulito

Photo Credit: @thuie via instagram

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  1. Oh wow. Just wow dear soul. Such an impactful full of passion read. We need your words in our world. We need hearts like yours to rise up

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