You want to be revolutionary in a non revolutionary world?

Don’t wait another minute to stand against everything you ever believed and question the immortal hell out of it—

Dig to find what sticks to your soul… to find what stays and what feels like home curled by the fire within you.

If it’s going to live inside of you and take up space, it better feel good, it better taste like truth. Don’t wait to leave the relationship if you know it’s sucking life from your lungs— because they may not change and we don’t have that kind of time.

Don’t wait to start doing that thing that’s always been just a distant dream.

Dreams come true for those who dare to make something beautiful in this world, for those who go against the grains of a world that tell us our freedom comes after retirement.

Where are my investments?

In flights, that took me halfway across the planet and gave me experiences that held my mouth open and breathed fresh life back into me.

In my gentle, immaterial, genuine soul.

In the deepest parts of my healing.

In the hearts of those who tell me, “your words help me so much”

My investments don’t have a re-sell value.

Screw the world’s approval.

What do YOU think life looks like?

What do YOU believe?

Nothing else matters… not even half a damn.

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