Has the world gone batshit?

“Where no light can be found, you must become the light you’re looking for.”

Teal Swan

I watch the news horrified. 

About 5-10 minutes is all I can take some days and even that is too much for this big heart of mine to try and understand. 

The whys of a world that feels like it’s gone mad. 



So, over lunch, we turn on the late night tv shows, that at least, bring some humor to it all. 

But sometimes, I can’t even laugh along with the audience because it all feels hopeless. 

This world is wide eyed and gun crazed. 

Starved of purpose.

Filled with fear.

Backed by a president that endorses it, with every news conference and election rally.

Somehow we’ve elected a man who doesn’t make one bit of fucking sense, every time he opens his mouth, and have people that are ride or die for that, because the economy is great?

We’ve now become one of THE most dangerous countries in the world, but we’re doting on how well our economy is doing?

I don’t understand it– but I guess it’s not my job to.

And then I remember… This is why we’re all here. 

The ones who remember why we’re here. 

The ones committed to marking the world with our spark. 

Making things less dark. 

And a little more light. 

It may not seem like much. 

But the weight that my words carry, matter.

They matter because beings that carry light on their wings told me they matter. 

They told me not to stop. 

Whatever I do. 

So I won’t. 

Even in a world that feels hard and fucking impossible— and scary. 

I’m bound and determined to write the world awake because it’s time.

So, what the world needs right now is outpour 

An outpour of love from the insides of humans committed to making the world better, whatever what means to you.

These things we do— we don’t do them just because we love them. 

We do them because at the end of every night, or beginning of every morning… we want to be the spark of sane and love in a dimly lit world. 

A world that feels like it’s gone crazy. 

You too, have a place here. 

A place that calls you in whispers 

And whatever it is that is pounding at your hearts door… go and do it. 

You matter. 

The things that spill from your soul… they fucking matter.

What the world needs besides gun control are people. 

People committed to being the medicine for other people. 

People committed to a purpose far bigger than themselves. 

People committed to being the change, rather than talking about it. 

People committed to something besides personal gain of “what’s in it for me” 

So, if you think that what you have to say, or what you do from the depths of your soul that makes your eyes shine a little brighter each time you do it, doesn’t matter. 

I’m here to tell you it does. 

Other people see the light in themselves because of shit like that. 

And what we need right now, are people willing to find their light.

So, it fucking matters. 

And… if I’m answering the why’s of a world that’s feels like its gone batshit crazy… I guess it would be this.

This is light work

and without the darkness, we’d be out of business.

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