Speak the F*ck UP

Speak up. 

Speak the fuck up when you look in the mirror. 

Speak louder than the voice in your head, spilling its poison.

Say all the things you long to hear even if you long to hear them, from the lips of someone else.

Let them spill from your own lips, dammit, as they make you their believer and you feel their importance because they come from you. 

The one that really matters. 

It’s easy to be loved by someone else.

The hard part comes in learning how to receive that love + acceptance and softness from yourself. 

So speak it, dammit.

Speak it. And then put those words into action. 

A little more, every day. 

And sooner or later, little by little you’ll look for that voice, when you hear the false venom— the one that cuts you two sizes smaller than you already were.

You’ll search the back of your mind and the depths of your heart for the truth to show up… as if to lovingly shush the voice drowning out your goodness. 

Speak up. 

The truth needs a voice. 

The truth needs your voice.

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