The place that made my soul swell

Bali, a place that felt like home

I spread my arms out, on the back of the Vespa on a quiet street at sunrise. 

Eyes closed. 

Wind kissing my skin. 

A series of inhales and breaths out. 

Deeper than ever. 

We stopped for coffee at a local’s store front. 

These were the kinds of mornings I could get used to. 

He and I, watching the sun come up, on unknown roads in some place foreign. 

Immersed in a culture that’s not ours, but somehow it feels warm and familiar.  

The back roads were crumbly and tight and lined with communes and most of the time we had no idea where we were going, but they reminded me of what freedom feels like.

Funny how places make lasting impressions. Like the signature of a lifetime lover, signed all over the walls of your heart. 

This place, made my soul swell. 

Bali, you’ll always have a home in me. 

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